Tuesday, 15 January 2008
Everyone is whining about their lives, schools/relations/work/life/family/everything, i found out suddenly one night driving my car back home in the supposedly "quiet" neighbourhood where i saw a car accident bodies thrown on the floor blood and twinkling glass scattered on the street...Ambulance was there and i knew for sure again and over some one's dead in a car accident...

It became a daily scene for me in my way to work in Maadi district in Cairo everyday...I started work 7 months ago and since then i leave home everyday ready for this scene.

There'snt a solution to all of our problems, they get complicated by time and solutions are far more complicates as well, but for God's sake let's control what we can "velocity"!!!
I mean drive reasonably not slowly or anything but let's not kill people guys seriously, seeing flying bodies everyday is what i plan my morning to be...

Speaking of which "mornings" gosh why is it too hard to just wake up when the temperature is 6 degrees and get dressed and be in the street by 8 sharp!!!
I crawl out of bed every morning so slow like a very very VERY lazy Persian cat...i don't like conversations in morning i wake up in a terrible mood...i walk slowly my contacts in one hand my mobile in the other approaching bathroom...shower and finish everything quickly then dress anything in my way honestly it's too hard to dress up every single day, I just can't figure out how they do it...

It's not that i don't, well i do but some days i just want to run to work and seriously not in the mood for putting all the concealers that would hide my under eye darkness and all the fancy powders and mascaras look like they intentionally want me to be late...

I will not wake up half an hour earlier for my looks..i would rather just sleep them better hehe...seriously i don't know how girls do it, at 8 i find girls looking like they spent the previous 5 hours getting ready! while i barely make a cup of coffee and drive slowly like a scared rat on the road lol

hmmm...too sleep to write anything, all on my mind is that i know we all want to be happy and peaceful, no one wanna die on the road, no one want to loose a loved one...and i certainly want happiness too...i don't see it hard, but i cant seem to understand why it's not happening....


Thursday, 3 January 2008

This is my wish for 2008

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Sunday, 30 December 2007
I Didn't Choose
I wish i can!



Saturday, 29 December 2007

That was disgraceful and sorrowful for the Pakistani people
She shouldn’t have been assassinated.

The country will face chaos like never before, the only national leader existing in Pakistan in the times of Musharraf is gone, and so as any beam of hope for the Pakistani nation to rise over poverty, education and a better political future…

No matter how much alleged charges Bhutto and her husband faced before, and he supposedly alliance to the states, and though they might have been true, her come back to Pakistan was promising, as she said before she was never a threat to democracy but she was a threat to terrorism and extremism, if Pakistan had to choose between her and Musharraf, then she would definitely had been the suitable choice..

Strong and courageous late Benazir is in my opinion had set an example of a strong Muslim woman, knowing that she was surrounded by dangers in every step of her way, she still gave speeches and gone everywhere just 3 weeks before elections…

American support she received was in my opinion 1st because she is a woman in an Islamic country, and second because of them fed up with Musharraf (who was supposed to be their loyal servant before)…It’s confusing to me, but that’s how I see it.

I will not talk about her life, and her political career, even if we didn’t like what she stood for or what she represented, assassinating her was a “Cowardly” action just like Bush said in his speech (this guy love pulling faces, and I adore his so called “sad one”)
God bless the Pakistani nation, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing our countries in chaos, sadness and grief…
Her death will continue into being a mystery, just like any other assassination in the region...el Qaeda claimed responsibility…well I thought Musharraf is not that stupid to assassinate her and he is already In power…Mystery will remain

Nothing will be the same in Pakistan; I just hope it won’t turn into another “Iraq”!

A better tomorrow,

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Thursday, 27 December 2007
Bits and pieces 2
So, Why if went to Jordan at first place...Just a week before leaving to Lebanon I got a phone call from S who works in UNFPA -which partially fund the project am working on- nice thing that we are friends with our donor! so he called saying that there's a workshop in Amman next week would you care to join?. I said "well it's not actually my decision, and i don't know what it's all about" send me the details and I’ll ask my boss" and he did.
It was a regional meeting to discuss cooperation between media and NGOs, the best practices and ideas on how to work together in development and in all fields, whether health, human rights, or anything.
I liked the idea pretty much, since that's a part of my job dealing with media, and since am supposedly a media person myself as i studied Journalism "sighs"

My boss agreed and off I went to Jordan...Visiting Jordan was one of my dreams, especially after I read Queen Noor's biography (A Leap of Faith) regardless what she said about the King Hussein and what I saw as a very romantically drawn picture of the Middle East in her book, as well as the American point of view I didn't like the whole book so much, but the way she described Jordan's nature and beauty caught my heart.

But OMG Jordan was much more beautiful that my imagination, and maybe because me and me Egyptian companion (me representing NGOs and she representing Journalism) were lucky enough to find her mum's best friend working in Jordan calling us upon our arrival, being more lucky she works in a limousine company Sixt!!! She gave us a car and her very trusted driver took us all around Jordan, we went every where and we went there, Jerash…Where I always wanted to visit...

When you walk in Jerash (and if you are a fan of Roman times architect and monuments you will be in love with Jerash) I felt like a lost princess (sounds geeky!) but that’s what I felt :D

Jerash Roman Theatre

Dibbin was our second stop, the beautiful natural preservant on the mountains, it's a beautiful forest just in the mountains in nearly one of the highest points in Amman it's beauty was beyond words could tell, the air purity, the amazig view, we just didn't want to leave or go back...

A view for Amman from Dibbin

I met amazing people in the workshop; but the highlight of it was at the last day of the workshop, as we were summing up the recommendations and action plans and so on, we were told that next to us there’s a UNESCO meeting and they are having prince Hassan (crown prince at the time of King Hussien) and King Hussien’s brother at the same time, and who became a prominent figure in international development community after leaving the crown, and our event organizers asked him kindly to come and give a speech in our workshop last day!!!!

I was like omg I only read about him in books! And meeting him is hehe well a nice chance! So he actually entered the hall, after securing the whole place with soldiers (actually from the military) and we stood greeting him.

He gave a very important speech, followed by answering some questions from us, and then he was about to leave and GUESS WHAT! He came to shake hands with us and he started by ME…
It was funny though I got so excited shaking hands with a prince! Which let’s face it is not an every day thing…and then we were taken to a group picture with him.
On our last day, me and my Egyptian colleague thought about going to Petra, since recently it became one of the world’s seven wonders, it would have been really stupid to visit Jordan not bid Petra a visit.
Since we needed to be at the airport at 7:25 P.M we decided that we will go to Petra from dawn, and be back by sunset so we can catch the plane.

It was really risky, but we tried to calculate time accurately and we done it!
At 5:00 A.M we were ready packed and checking out, our driver was so sweet also a Sixt company driver, he was so sleepy just like the two of us!

First thing I asked him was “is there any coffee place open now?” I knew it would be hell if I didn’t take any caffeine to help my eye lids stand still facing these long hours of non-sleep. Ah and I forgot to mention that the night before this I stayed up all night working and sending late reports and emails, since I was away from work for 5 days!

No cafés were open! And we continued the three hours trip to Petra, while me sleeping like a baby…and before I knew it we were there…

Petra is magnificent, the rocks colours, the way it’s all engraved in rocky mountains, the nature around it, the passage to the treasure gate, everything was just breath taking, Petra is not a site you visit in one day they say you need 3 continuous days to see Petra well, unfortunately we couldn’t, all we had was few hours to catch, we walked about 6 K.M inside Petra, seeing the beautiful mountains, taking pictures…I loved it.

Petra (The Treasury)

Finishing Petra was such an achievement, I remember neither me, my colleague nor the driver felt our feet or backs after walking such distance (chances of hiking and walking around Cairo aren’t that much) don’t blame me!
Moving for Petra, tired, exhausted hungry and haven’t slept was like not feeling anything around me that I even started not enjoying the trip and I felt home sick hehe…
We passed by the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo where it’s claimed to be where Moses died and buried, Madaba with it’s famous churches, and then back to the airport just as planned by 5:30 PM we even arrived a bit earlier!

The airport was –just like any other Egyptian airport and many other airports at that time of the year- fully packed with people going for Hajj (Pilgrimage), it was hard to breathe inside, Amman Queen Alia airport is so small and too warm, with high number of travellers it was just too hard to stand.
Carrying all my bags I struggled to our departure gate, waited patiently till it open for boarding, and once they did I was first in line!

In the plane I sat back, took off my jacket, and looked at Amman from my window and smiled, thinking that 2 months ago visiting Jordan was a dream that am planning to achieve with steady steps (of saving money since I suck in that), then it happened in a blink of eye…We never know what tomorrow brings, am so thankful…

Sometimes I visit places and I feel strange feelings towards them, some places I feel like no sorry ill never be back again, and some other places I visit and I feel so much connected that I am sure I will come back one day, I felt so with Jordan and England (Don’t ask me why!) I just feel it giving no specific reasons! Hallucinations:D Maybe.



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Monday, 24 December 2007
Lebanon and Jordan Bits and pieces 1
Well, i keep promising of writing and i barely find time to do anything:( i so wanted to post about my Lebanon and Jordan trips...

Lebanon's beauty was sad...you can feel sadness in the atmosphere not just because Lebanon till now haven't picked a president...but because people are very cautious of the situation in general...Taxi drivers were asking me how come you are all alone going around the city aren't you scared?
Actually i wasn't scard at all, I believe in God and i believe that where ever it's destined for me to die i will..In Egypt in Lebanon, any where it didn't matter to me.

I went all around Beirut from Sa7et el Shuhada2 and El Hariri's place...till Down Town, El Hamra, El Rawshe, Verdun (where i stayed) Jouneh, mmm i think that's it...It was all lovely Beriut is saddned by wars, conflicts and violence...Interference from "neighbours" and international interventions (well just like any other Arab country ha!)

But all of that didn't touch it's beauty it's pride, like a beautiful bride of the Meditteranean standing still.

Lebanese people are so nice, they are typical Arabs in their generousity and their cheer, they know well how to enjoy their times, and make you also happy!

On my last day in Beirut i felt down at heart..Maybe cause am leaving and maybe because i wanted to see a happy Beirut which i havent seen in the streets, but maybe in the eyes and hearts of my beloved people there...

Funny thing was i had only one day between Jordan and Lebanon...I went to work that day extremely exhausted and tired, and came back home at 10:00 pm to start packing for Jordan!
When my bag was already still packed from Lebanon's trip i needed to wash my stuff and add some more stuff for Jordan was a 5 days trip!

Beirut, i'll be back and next time you'll be as happy as you're meant to be...

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Saturday, 1 December 2007
Morning in Cairo, afternoon in Lebanon!

Here i am!! in Beirut!! such a short nice trip that i had on Middle East airlines, just an hour and you're over the beautiful Mediterranean shores of Beirut!

Regardless the reasons behind my 3 days visit, am so happy that i am here, my friend B picked me at the airport along with (a car from the hotel, that at the time i didn't know what it was !!)
We jumped and laughed and talked in our way to the hotel and suddenly we stopped in front of SHERATON FOUR POINTS BEIRUT!!!

My room in Sheraton Four Points!

B said "are you staying here? i was like i have no clue, asking the driver it was true!!
Am not going to talk about my FANCY room am going to let pictures talk but i'll upload them tomorrow at the moment i can barely type...

So B had already reserved for me to have a hair cut! i told him i wont come to Lebanon without doing my hair! he surprised me by reserving an appointment with who? Pact et Luci!!!
I couldnt believe when he emailed me saying that he did! i was in a meeting for work having read the mail i was like (awww and covered my mouth) everybody laughed!!

So we went, girls started washing my hair when they knew am Egyptian we started talking and laughing and i discovered that nearly most Lebanese people i met here have relatives in Egypt!!

Waseem who cut my hair told me he does Haifa and Nancy's hair (well i knew that paci et luci is one the most famous bas i didnt care whom hair he does lol) but he was nice and i got an amazing new cut!! that was super pampering and certainly spoiling after getting my Sheraton suite!!

We went then to get something to eat, i insisted on Lebanese cuisine and we got Shawerma!! great Lebanese food just too tasty!

B had had already surprised me by 2 invitation to a film premiere at Casino Lebnan on the sea and facing the amazing beautiful Beirut mountains...we went it was so much fun but me being tired of just spending one day in Cairo and Beirut was making me so sleepy!

On our way back we stopped for Flafel;) Lebanese falafel akid mesh ta3mya!

Gosh such a nice day, all i want now is to hug that biiig bed i have upstairs and sleep peacefully to a new day tomorrow inshallah!!

Stay tuned for more of my Beirut diaries everyday at 12 am CLT hehe

Love, and Peace for Lebanon...


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